Warranty Policy

The warranty period for bicycle is as follows. If the customer finds non-human damage within the warranty period, we will send the replacement parts free of charge. 

After warranty period, the customer has to pay replacement parts and shipping fees. The bike which we sell are factory new regular products, all parts are the same as the original parts.

1. How to apply for warranty

LANKELEISI warranty claims can be fulfilled by submitting mail (please tell us your order number), which is required to replace the warranty parts. This is done through the contact page on our website and requires your order number. After submitting a ticket, you will receive a response within 48 hours. As part of the warranty process, you may need to perform tests and send footage to a mechanic so they can diagnose the problem and provide the best solution. . LANKELEISI will assess your case and guide you through any testing we may require.

A) What will we do?

If a component is deemed defective or damaged without user error, we will issue a replacement part. We will replace any parts deemed damaged during shipping. Any unauthorized repairs or alterations are not covered by the warranty. Any unauthorized alterations to the bike will also void the warranty.

B) What won't we do?

LANKELEISI will not replace any part without first seeing a photo or video of the damaged part. We will not provide warranty service for second vehicle owners. We will not replace any parts damaged by the user. We will not pay for any third party service or parts replacement unless agreed prior to repair. If the owner uses his own shipping service, LANKELEISI will not be responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping. For more information, please review our Returns Policy.

2. Warranty Conditions

Our mechanics are directly responsible for warranty information. They are more than happy to work with you on the following terms.
This warranty is only applicable to the original owner of the Lankeleisi. This warranty is limited to a one-time replacement of defective parts at Lankeleisi sole discretion. This warranty does not cover damages caused by failure to follow instructions in the user manual, acts of God, accident, misuse, neglect, abuse, commercial use, alteration, modification, improper assembly, wear and tear, installation of non-conforming parts or accessories Damage to bicycles that were originally designed or not compatible with sale, incompatibility, mishandling, water damage, extreme riding, stunt riding, or subsequent improper maintenance. An entire replacement bike will only be issued in extreme cases. In this case, the original car must be sent to the Lankeleisi factory for inspection/repair before the new car can be dispatched. If it can be repaired,
This warranty does not cover accessories, consumables or normal wear and tear parts. LANKELEISI IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, FAULT OR LOSSES ARISING FROM ANY UNAUTHORIZED REPAIRS OR USE OF UNAUTHORIZED COMPONENTS. Shipping damage must be reported to Lankeleisi via a support ticket. These can be filled out on our support pages. in any case
In no event shall Lankeleisi be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, whether based on contract, warranty, negligence or product liability in connection with its products, including but not limited to the following: personal injury, property damage or economic loss.
For situations where the warranty policy may not apply, Lankeleisi may charge a minimum service and replacement parts fee. All exchanges are limited to one time per item. All separate shipping charges for warranty purposes must be prepaid and insured by the customer. LANKELEISI is not responsible for lost inbound packages. LANKELEISI may void the warranty where applicable. Lankeleisi reserves the right to update and modify its warranty at any time. Notice of these changes may or may not be provided.

A) 3-year limited warranty

LANKELEISI bicycle components, including motors, controllers and frames, are warranted against manufacturer defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of original purchase, limited to one replacement part per bicycle.

B) 2-year limited warranty

Materials and/or a Years Warranty on Workmanship One part of each part can be replaced per bike. The battery warranty does not cover damage caused by power surges, use of improper (non-specified) chargers, improper maintenance or other misuse, normal wear and tear, or water ingress.

C) No Warranty

Please note that gear and accessories are not covered under this warranty policy, but are included in our returns policy.
D) Items to wear
Items worn due to normal use are not covered under warranty. These items include, but are not limited to: chains, rims, spokes, brake pads, inner tubes, tires, rotors, handles and seats. Maintenance and replacement of these parts is the responsibility of the bicycle owner.

3. Claims

All claims under this guarantee must be made through Lankeleisi. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claims. Before making a warranty claim, we recommend that you contact our customer service team as there may be an easy solution to your problem. LANKELEISI will process valid warranty claims within one year of the first purchase. Warranty claims can be submitted via a support ticket on our support page. 

A) Shipping Damage Claims

Inspect your product immediately for damage. Shipping damage claims are extremely time sensitive. We will not accept shipping damage claims within 14 days of receipt of the product. Before you and the driver sign for the shipment, please take note of any damage to your product on the bill of lading. Take photos of any damage found and date the photos if possible. Keep all packaging and documents until the inspection process is complete. Report damage claims via a support ticket on our support page within 14 days of delivery to LANKELEISI. 

B) Credit Card Refunds

If for any reason a credit card chargeback of any amount is issued against an order, and the customer still owns the product in that order, the warranty will be suspended until the chargeback is resolved.

4. Parts exchange

Should it be necessary to send a replacement part within the warranty period, Lankeleisi may, at its sole discretion, request that the defective part be returned to our factory. The faulty part must arrive at the Lankeleisi factory before a replacement part can be shipped. Upon authorization by Lankeleisi, Lankeleisi will provide a prepaid return label to return and replace the defective part. If a prepaid return label has been issued for the customer, the faulty part will need to be returned promptly (within 10 days) unless previously discussed with LANKELEISI.
Upon receipt of defective/returned parts, they will be inspected for shipping damage. Lankeleisi reserves the right to demand payment if part damage exceeds part test limits. Failure to comply with the terms listed in this section may result in denial of service, voiding of the guarantee and/or permanent cancellation of the order.