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Special rewards await for being able to take amazing videos/photos in a very creative way with the Lankeleisi electric bike. We love seeing all the topics and formats: storytelling, vlogging, and even short films! Think outside the box and shoot your way
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How do I earn rider points?

There are over a dozen ways to earn rider points. Earn 1 Rider Point for every €1 spent and earn points by sharing our website link and following our social channels. The best way to earn is by posting videos and photos publicly on various social media channels.

How do I check my passenger points balance?

You can log into your account and view your Rider Points balance by clicking on the Loyalty Program icon in the lower left corner of the website.

How do I notify you to add points manually?

Please contact us via Facebook Messenger or Instagram private message or service@lankeleisi-store.com and provide us with your Lankeleisi Loyalty Program account information and the actions you completed. We will contact you as soon as possible and manually add your earned rider points to your account within a week.

How long does it take for rider points to arrive in my account?

1. Passenger points will be automatically added immediately after registration/ordering/Facebook sharing/Instagra sharing is completed.

2. YouTube/Tiktok/Review, you need to contact the customer to manually award points. Our goal is to complete it within a week.

How do I redeem my passenger points?

Points can be redeemed for a discount code - copy the discount code - which can be used directly at checkout.

How do I post a picture to earn points?

Capture your best moments with Lankeleisi e-bikes and share them publicly on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest using the hashtags #Lankeleisi, #LankeleisiStore and #Lankeleisi-Store and tagging the official Lankeleisi account. 500 rider points will be awarded, up to a maximum of 1000 points per month.

How do I post a video to earn points?

Creatively record your favorite moments using Lankeleisi e-bikes in videos and post them publicly on YouTube using the hashtags #Lankeleisi, #LankeleisiStore and #Lankeleisi-Store. Include "

Lankeleisi-Store" and tag our official account so we don't miss your entry. 5000 rider points will be awarded, up to a maximum of 5000 points per month.

Do rider points expire?

Your passenger points will expire after 12 months.